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"Welcome to Epoch and my next project: A one-shot, 100 page, graphic novel called "100 covers". It's the story of a superhero team called The Battalion. The lives and adventures of this team and it's members as told ONLY through 100 comic book covers. Each member of the team has his/her own story that progresses at different speeds/lengths across the series. Covers that showcase the entire team as well as the individual members. Single issues as well as multi-part epics. This one has it all. Characters live and die, relationships are forged, villains are battled and the world is in danger. All here. 100 stories. 100 pages. 100 comics. ONE graphic novel.

100 Covers.

AND NOW, "THE SECOND 100 COVERS" also available now at indy planet:



Below is a look at the series which is currently on sale at IndyPlanet.com...




The first year of The Battalion was mostly a set up/introduction to the members and their respective abilities.  The year ended with them facing their greatest nemesis, The Black Duke.  As the series went on, you'd see the stakes increase for all of them.

And that was the sneak preview of the Battalion and its' members. I hope you've enjoyed it as it was truly a labor of love. The entire graphic novel is available at www.comixpress.com under the publisher "Epoch" in both it's regular size as well as a smaller digest version. The regular book is available at IndyPlanet.com and the story is available in 3 separate volumes at Amazon.com in Books One, Two and Three.

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