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The Door

The first mission for the Temporal Investigation Squad. Join the Professor, the hot blonde, the emu and the disembodied head of Abe Lincoln for....adventure!

We Three Kings

In a dark future, three dangerous extraordinary individuals, brothers, with incredible powers threaten to bring atrocities of the past into the present.


Mascots, the costumed inhabitants of a deserted ballpark, fight to the death, but all is not as it seems.

So, You Want to be a Super-Villain

The story of a man, who, when faced with a mid-life crisis, chooses to don a cape and embrace.....evil. Too bad he's incompetent.

Superhero Survivor

Hello! Here at "Superhero Survivor", we want to create heroes with amazing powers, supply them with secret ID's and let them face off against real Super-Villains*. Interested?

When Realities Collide

Races from all over the galaxy gather together for free food. But what happens when a fierce warrior from the Klungov Empire meets his cheesy, 1950's, low-budget, Japanese, counterpart from Earth? No, really, what happens? Well, read this. You'll find out.

Monkey and the Moon Patrol


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