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Rick Lundeen has published several comics and graphic novels under the independent imprint Epoch, featuring a variety of comedic as well as serious stories. His comic books are a fun alternative to main stream and usually include super heroes, villains, adventure, comedy, drama, action adventure and culture(?). You've got stories told in graphic art form, that touch on history, the future, reality and even alternate reality. "We Three Kings", "So, You Want to be a Super-Villain?", and "The Door" (featuring the disembodied head of Abraham Lincoln), are all part of his body of work."

Further titles from Epoch include: "100 Covers", "Mascot", "When Realites Collide", "Mataak", "Monkey & the Moon Patrol" and "I was a Superhero Survivor", the very FIRST comic to mix the storytelling form and "reality TV" back in 2003.




Mickeyandmaj.com is up and flying...



Latest project I'm working on is an all ages graphic novel series called Mickey and Maj, details coming soon about avialability in both print and digital formats....


Over at KA-Blam/Indy Planet both the original 100 Covers as well as the follow up "The Second 100 Covers" are both available

in print form as well as digital downloads. Link:  http://www.indyplanet.com/front/brand/Epoch/



 Branching out beyond advertising and comics into visual and communication consultant for multi-media. 

You can reach me here at home-base at 708 246 2073 if you have a project that feel needs artwork or
an extra set of eyes.

PAST projects:

As a fun note to the 50th anniversary proceedings, here's a special one page shot I did for a gentlemen a while back

who has a collection of these pages called "Doctor Who Fragments" and this was one of my contributions...

A limited print run of Dalek's Master Plan graphic novel is now available for preorder at kasterborous.com

with any and all profit/proceeds being donated to the Children in Need Charity...



Here's the promo poster for the DMP, which I'm nearly finished with. It's a premium for a DW anniversary doc about DW fandom.

preview page from chapter 11 of the DMP: Abandoned planet, featuring Mavic chen's descent into madness....





Continuing work on Doctor Who: - Dalek Master Plan: The Comic Book Adaptation.

preview for chapter 10, "Escape Switch"


preview for chapter 9:


preview for chapter 8: "VOLCANO"



preview page for Chapter 7, "Coronas of the Sun"

preview page from Chapter 6: "Counter Plot"

Latest preview page, this time, Chapter 5: "The Traitors"


Latest preview page from Chapter One: "The Nightmare Begins"


 Here's a sneak preview page from the prologue, "Mission to the Unknown"











And here's the redesign for the Galactic Council, as I have the luxury of exceeding the 1965 BBC budget!






here are the original 6 pages for the pitch to IDW, they were

part of "The Nightmare Begins" which is now completed.  The entire DMP will be

presented in 2013 leading up to the big 50th anniversary.



ATTENTION! The Epoch library is available at http://www.comixpress.com/

under the publisher listing of Epoch...

you can contact me directly at rickjlundeen@gmail.com




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