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Rick Lundeen has published several comics and graphic novels under the independent imprint Epoch, featuring a variety of comedic as well as serious stories. His comic books are a fun alternative to main stream and usually include super heroes, villains, adventure, comedy, drama, action adventure and culture(?). You've got stories told in graphic art form, that touch on history, the future, reality and even alternate reality. "We Three Kings", "So, You Want to be a Super-Villain?", and "The Door" (featuring the disembodied head of Abraham Lincoln), are all part of his body of work."

Further titles from Epoch include: "100 Covers", "Mascot", "When Realites Collide", "Mataak", "Monkey & the Moon Patrol" and "I was a Superhero Survivor", the very FIRST comic to mix the storytelling form and "reality TV" back in 2003.


 LATEST NEWS FOR 2017 & 18:

I'll be setting up a demo tour for schools in the Chicagoland area starting in 2018, with more details at   https://lundeendemos.wordpress.com/


Mickey & Maj, books One and Two are available at IndyPlanet, in both print and digital formats:

issue one preview---


link to store for issue one:



And issue two preview...


link to store for issue two:




And possibly a brand new Patreon account coming soon....

Mickeyandmaj.com is up and flying...



you can contact me directly at rickjlundeen@gmail.com




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